Art Storage Vault

Personal Art Storage Vault


A Personal Art Storage Vault provides a ready solution for both planned and unexpected reasons to store your art safely.

Once purchased a vault can be placed in an I.S.O. Art Ltd. storage location where it will be maintained for future deployment. With planning, the exact packing configuration can be customized for maximizing both the vault’s space and the care of the art objects. When needed the vault can be brought on line at I.S.O. Art Ltd.’s storage location where the art can be delivered to the vault by either air or ground. If you have your own desired location the vault can be delivered to the specified location.

The costs related to owning an Art Storage Vault are as follows:

  1. 1.)  Cost of vault purchase: $85,000.00
  2. 2.)  Cost of custom packing boxes for your paintings (see attached list of paintings): $7,085.25
  3. 3.)  Cost of vault storage prior to deployment: $450.00 per month.
  4. 4.)  Cost of pick up and packing of art: TBD subject to location and time frame of pick up.
  5. 5.)  Cost of vault storage at I.S.O. Art Ltd’s facility when brought on line: $450.00 per month plusthe utilities related to being on-line. Which would include power, communication and security.
  6. 6.)  Cost of Insurance: Lloyd’s of London will reduce premiums by 10% to 15% if you have an Art Storage Vault with a plan in place for the unexpected need to store your art safely. Their policyalso provides for seamless insurance coverage between where your art is exhibited and the Art Storage Vault when handled by I.S.O. Art Ltd’s transport team. Lloyd’s of London quotes are available.

Your one time cost to store the attached list of paintings would be $92,085.25 plus $450.00 per month till deployed. When deployed you would have the cost related to packing and transferring your art and the same $450 per month plus utilities directly related to the vault being on line.

I look forward to your thoughts. Sincerely,

Doug Nelson